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SAP S/4 Hana, course covers the necessary certification topics for HANA, HANA Concepts, Data Provisioning, Modelling, Query and Reporting. The course also covers fundamentals of S4 HANA.

As part of the curriculum, you will also be introduced to the configuration which covers BW on S/4 HANA.


  • Project members
  • Functional Consultants
  • SAP BW Consultants
  • ETL, Data Warehouse consultant
  • Wannabe SAP Consultants
  • End Users


  • Navigate confidently within SAP systems and understand HANA.
  • Familiar with the basic concepts of SAP HANA, HANA Key Features, Data Model, Provision Data, Information Models and Applications.
  • Acquire knowledge to set up and configure business processes in the above areas.
  • SAP Overview
    • SAP Navigation
  • Introduction
  • Architecture
    • Explore the SAP HANA landscape
    • Interfaces for Administrators and Developers
    • Learn about the database
    • Explain High Availability
    • Describe the Main Security Features
  • Modeling and Data Processing
    • Create Information Models
    • Discover SAP HANA Live
    • Define Spatial Processing, Text Search and Analysis, and Predictive Modeling
  • Data Provisioning
    • Understand the Main Data Provisioning Scenarios
    • Load Data Using Flat File Import
    • Access Remote Data with Smart Data Access
    • Implement Data Replication
    • Describe SAP HANA Enterprise Information Management
    • Process Event Streams in Real Time
  • Running Applications on SAP HANA
    • Describe the Different Types of Applications
    • Connect SAP Business Intelligence Tools to SAP HANA
    • Use SAP Business Warehouse with SAP HANA
    • Build SAP HANA Applications using XS
  • Information Views
    • Connect Tables
    • Create Dimension and Cube Calculation Views
  • Modeling Functions
    • Create Hierarchies
    • Create Calculated and Restricted Columns
    • Filter Data
    • Use Variables and Input Parameters
    • Implement Currency Conversion
    • Create Decision Tables
  • SQL Script and Procedures
    • Introduce SQL and SQLScript
    • Create Table Functions and Procedures
    • Use the SQL Debug Tools
  • Virtual Data Models in SAP HANA
    • Use SAP HANA Live
    • Overview of Virtual Data Models built with Core Data Services (CDS)
  • Text, Spatial, Predictive and Graph Modeling
  • Management and administration of Models
    • Validate Information Models
    • Transport Information Models
    • Rename, copy move models
    • Define schema mapping
    • Convert Deprecated Modeling artifacts using migration tools
  • Security in SAP HANA Modeling
    • Understand the Key Concepts of SAP HANA Security
    • Define Data Access Security
  • Optimization of Models
    • Apply Best Practices to Model Design
    • Introduction to Plan Visualizer and Explain Plan tools

Course Features

  • Lectures 1
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English