Salesforce Administrator

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This course covers the necessary certification topics for Salesforce Administrator. It includes Salesforce Administration tasks, manages and configure Salesforce, Build reports, dashboards and workflows.

As part of the curriculum, you will also be introduced to the configuration which covers Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Application, Reporting, User and Data Administration and Workflows.


  • Anyone from Sales, Marketing, Customer Relationship
  • Query/Report designers
  • Project members
  • Sales, Marketing, CRM Consultants
  • Wannabe Salesforce Consultants
  • End Users


  • Navigate confidently and administer Salesforce systems
  • Familiar with the basic concepts of Salesforce Essentials, User Management, Administration, Configuration and Reporting.
  • Acquire knowledge to set up Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and configure the system in the above areas.



  • Salesforce Overview
    • Navigation
    • Company Profile
  • User Set up
    • Set up a User
    •   Maintain a User
    • Troubleshoot
  • Global User Interface
    • UI feature controls
  • Security and Access
    • Various Organisation Security Options
    • Features and Capabilities of the Salesforce Sharing Model
    • Security Controls
    • Settings and Permissions
    • Custom Profile
  • Standard and Custom Objects
    • Standard Object Architecture and Relationship Model
    • Create, delete, and customise fields, page layouts and list views
    • Create, delete, and customise record types
    • Create formula fields
  • Sales and Marketing Applications
    • Sales Process
    • Lead Management
    • Products and Price Books
    • Automate Lead management
    • Campaign Management
  • Service and Support Applications
    •  Case Management
    • Solution Management
    • Portals and Community applications
    • Salesforce Knowledge
  • Activity Management
  • Chatter
  • Data Management
    • Importing, Updating, Transferring and Mass Deleting
    • Managing Data
    • Data Validation Tools
    • Back up Data
  • Content and Folder Management
  • Analytics, Reports and Dashboards
    • Creating or Customising a report
    • Sharing Model
    • Creating and modifying Dashboards
  • Workflow Automation
  • Desktop and Mobile Administration
  • App exchange

Course Features

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  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English