Who we are

Redefining the way IT is taught and learnt

We design and deliver unparalleled software training to persevering professionals who want to build a successful career in mainstream IT.

We at Acquledge believe everyone should have the right knowledge, skills and opportunities to build a career in IT. We have traced new steps forging towards a new education model that is well-rounded, world-class, and objective-driven.

Trends in the IT industry indicate the need for specialised skills ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Cloud, Data Warehouse and Distributed Computing. While companies are looking for candidates who are job-ready, not many professionals get trained in tackling real problems. We are here to bridge this gap by transforming students into peak performers through the right exposure and insights, thereby creating a win-win situation for organisations and career-oriented professionals.

Our courses are designed to meet the evolving needs of the IT industry. Classroom training can be progressive but is limited. We believe in a hands-on training environment that is industry-specific combined with internship opportunities. Professionals can then be rest assured that they will be problem-solvers and confidently ace every interview.

What makes Acquledge different?

The Acquledge edge

Improved skill levels

With lectures aiming at developing both skills and knowledge, you will know exactly where to start learning. That will dive into highly relevant information that goes deep on topics you need to master. At Acquledge, we have trainers with real-world experience that will have up-to-date resources.

Modules created by pros

Go from A to Z of Technology with curriculum designed based on industry needs and actual problems that you are going to encounter at work. These expertly curated lessons will equip you with the “what”, the “hows” and “what-ifs” so that you are prepared to skillfully solve problems in any scenario.

Value for money

We know this training is a significant investment. It’s essential to know how this training will fit in just right with your career strategy, helping you achieve a lot more than you expect. Talk to one of our counsellors today to understand how our courses will be a value-add.

Making you job-ready

Gain real-world experience and showcase your skills in a compelling and informative way. Our programs make it so easy to learn Technology that you will be fully versed with systems in no time. Make clear to employers why you are the one for the job.

Meet Our Trainers

Catalysts of transformation

Our greatest asset are our students and our utmost respect is for our committed mentors. We believe in going the extra mile to help create a formidable career in IT.