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Mehul Makwana

IT was never my first preference when I thought of career change. I took a brave decision by enrolling at the institute with the aim if becoming an SAP SD Consultant. Acquledge offers a very transparent environment. Joe always ensured that we sustain the motivation answer ambition in order to achieve success. Admittedly I learnt more than what I opted in for. Integration and Interview preparation were both very helpful in building my confidence, and I developed the "can do" attitude as a professional. During the internship I learnt about the in depth project life cycle, and the difficult challenges we face as consultants. Now I am confident to deliver a solution for a business scenario which is vital to survive as a consultant in real world. I am glad that I made the decision to join Acquledge and I wish Joe all the very best for his future endeavours. What was instrumental was that Joe showed passion and belief in us, whilst sharing as much knowledge as possible to build that knowledge foundation every student desires. He did not promise anything he could not deliver, and made sure that support was available if we needed it once we the course ended. Joe's passion for teaching always reminds me of a quote "“Education is a liberating force, and in our age it is also a democratising force, cutting across the barriers of caste and class, smoothing out inequalities imposed by birth and other circumstances.”


"When I was thinking that configuration experience alone will get me a job in SAP, Joe's internship was an eye opener. He taught me various aspects of projects and knowledge a consultant should possess to get a job in the field. I have various academic qualifications but never have come across some one who is keen to share his knowledge and experiences in an open and honest way. His enthusiasm and passion to teach is second to none. I am privileged to be his student. Wish him all the very best in his future endeavours."

Marcus Wright

"I am naturally a sceptic when it comes to training centres (their courses) and the outcome that they guarantee, when in reality what they deliver is a fraction of what they promise. I must admit, with Acquledge, what they delivered actually surpassed my expectations. Their program is a unique combination of technical learning coupled with a simulation of the real industry project lifestyle. They equipped me with everything possible to make my desired career move into SAP a reality. They helped me get my CV up to scratch and set me up with mock interviews with industry knowledge based recruiters. They did everything they could as a training institute to help me get a job. All I needed to do was impress at the interviews that I was getting. Hats off to the trainers and the training course. Definitely recommended to all."

Alpesh Patel

SAP BW Student
"Cleared my Certification exam with flying colours. I would definitely recommend any student who has the passion to make a career out of SAP to train at AcquLedge regardless of the module. Their model of training is unique, their enthusiasm is second to none, and the willingness to help students succeed is what gives AcquLedge the edge over its competitor."

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